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The Digital Space: Challenges and Solutions

Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Brasov, Romania

The digital marketing space is an ever-changing landscape that is constantly evolving, presenting new challenges and options to both marketers and consumers. Drawing on his vast experience and knowledge of the industry, and in leading a global marketing agency, Silvian Centiu, CEO of Transiris, discussed the most influential challenges facing the digital marketing space and offered soutions for adapting to the expanding digital landscape.

Event Speaker

Silvian Centiu

Silvian Centiu is a Marketing Thought Leader with rich Fortune 500 enterprise experience in the US and EU who has been a speaker at many corporate and academic events around the world. Since starting Transiris in 2012, Silvian has diversified the company into a multinational organization with offices in 5 countries, operating in the areas of Big Data, Data Science, Marketing Automation, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning with companies such as Cisco, HPE, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bank of Montreal, Vodafone, BMW, Audi, and Cora.

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