• Automate Repeatable Tasks
    so That Your People
    Focus on Strategic Activities

Automate. Collaborate. Evolve.

Deploy the latest Robotic Process Automation technologies and methodologies to transition your operational staff from repetitive tasks to strategic activities, enabling your company to leverage the current advancements in Artificial Intelligence and bridge application and data integration gaps.

UiPath is leader in the RPA space. It integrates AI Technologies to allow customers to move from rule-based to cognitive and machine-learning process automation. Through its close partnership with UiPath, Transiris enables customers to develop RPA successfully, to create a roadmap of best processes to automate and to evolve the entire RPA system incrementally and optimally.

Transiris has successfully interated UiPath and provided other integrations with Artificial Intelligence technologies such as ABBYY, Celoni, IBM Watson, etc. to enable RPA robots to adapt, learn from their human counterparts, and evolve programmatically (self-learning). Transiris assists you in replicating entire processes as well as automating parts of processes so that your staff can speed up certain functions, especially in real-time interactions with customers.

Enterprise Grade RPA

Automation Anywhere Enterprise (AAE) combines Robotic Process Automation with Cognitive Automation and Embedded Analytics to scale RPA ecosystems for large enterprises both on-premise and in the cloud.

Agile Digital Workforce

The scalable enterprise RPA platform enables business operations to be agile and cost effective through rapid automation of manual, rule based, back office administrative processes, reducing cost and improving accuracy.

Digital Process Automation

Pega builds on legacy BPM and digital transformation tools to accelerate  automation of high volume, repetitive tasks through its adaptive, cloud-architected software that empowers people to rapidly meet strategic business needs.

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