• Pragmatic Privacy Compliance
    for Data Driven Marketing

Compliance. Pragmatism. Reach.

Marketing professionals face the challenge of effective marketing outreach while complying with ever changing global and local privacy and data protection regulations.

Transiris assists you with implementing pragmatic approaches to comply with policies and applicable regulations without constricting your reach, creativity, and overall marketable universe. By configuring optimal consent management, defining tactics and brand granularity, and deploying powerful preference management features, Transiris enables an enhanced, yet personalized customer experience.

Stay relevant to your global market and remain compliant with local laws.


How and where you acquire, collect, store, use, and share customer and prospect data


Internal compliance readiness and external privacy requirements against industry standards and privacy regulations.


Gap Analysis covering current campaigns and future marketing initiatives


Meet your privacy compliance objectives to better protect your brand and enhance customer experience

Digital Privacy Management Expertise

Web and

Integrated inbound and outbound consent collection and customer fatigue management

Marketing Data

Marketing Automation for collecting, storing, using, and sharing data with granular preference management


Ensure privacy compliance while handling personal information during lead generation, scoring, routing, and sharing


Data protection terms and conditions extended to partners, resellers, and service providers, as published in privacy statement

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