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Artificial Intelligence for Revenue Growth

Monday, May 27, 2019

GPeC Summit, National Theatre of Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania

Transiris and Oracle experts will present at the GPeC Summit a complete, working chatbot solution developed using Oracle’s AI technology, namely Oracle Digital Assistant. We will show how to use this technology to enhance the customer experience of your constituency and prospects and grow your revenue.

The event audience will have the opportunity to engage our experts in discussing the benefits, methodologies, and pit falls to avoid in implementing Oracle’s AI technology.

Both Oracle and Transiris experts will present the AI solution. Transiris is represented by Fabian Moldoveanu, Dan Barliba, Andrei Stanculescu and Emilian Marin. Oracle is represented by Cristina Sava and Alexandru Neagu.

Event Speakers

Emilian Marin

Emilian Marin is a Software developer with a background in marketing and experienced in marketing technologies. He delivered multiple solutions and shared expertise with Fortune 500 companies.

Andrei Stanculescu

Andrei Stanculescu is a Machine Learning & Software Engineer that specializes in developing customized solutions for our Fortune 500 clients. Pursuing a MSc in Artificial Intelligence, Andrei’s goal is to discover the state-of-the-art trends in AI and to develop his own.

Fabian Moldoveanu

Fabian Moldoveanu is a Martech SME that specializes in designing and developing customized platforms for our Fortune 500 clients.

Fabian currently manages a series of projects and runs the marketing technologies group inside our organization.

Dan Barliba

Dan is an experienced sales and business professional, specialized in designing solutions, in establishing partnerships and managing C-level relationships with top companies and corporations.

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